Flag Ministry



Worship flags became an important part of my life when in 2006, the Lord began dealing with me about true worship.  After making banners for churches i realized there was something more. The Lord showed me dancers at His altar with flags and swords. I could visualize the dances but had no training in dance and I could not get my 50 year old body to move the way I saw.  

My husband and I attended a worship service in Houston where the worship dancers of every age and size, all dressed in white used beautiful hand-painted 6 foot flags flying from poles stretching 12 feet into the air. There were many other smaller flags all around the sanctuary waving in unison to the music. I was in awe.  Then the Lord said “This is the worship I require.”   Not that He would like or enjoy but what He requires. That has sent me on a journey to discover more about flags being used in worship. 

I have had the honor of teaching many churches about the flags and have been able to leave a ministry to the Lord behind in those churches. If you are interested in learning more please contact me at cbrown@warriorsoftheword.net.                

Yours in Christ ~ Cathy